Invested in improving the quality of life for Georgetown County, SC citizens since 2003

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Frances Bunnelle believed that people should care for one another according to their means. She quietly gave assistance to the disenfranchised and the disadvantaged. She valued the quality of life in Georgetown County and she believed in the importance of community.

Our Approach

We will carry out all of our grantmaking activities and
operations with a focus on sustainability,
ensuring that our assets as well as those of
our partners continue to thrive and to be available
to the people who need them.

We will invest and align our resources strategically
to achieve community impact through a few key objectives
and to realize our vision of an equitable, vibrant
and healthy community.

We will develop new community partnerships and
collaborations with a diverse group of stakeholders
allowing us to leverage our resources and theirs,
for greater impact.

We will listen to our community and share information, achievements, lessons learned, and innovative approaches.

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